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Marketing & Communications Project Manager

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           At eight years old, I asked Santa for a camera. Since then, I have spent as much time as possible behind one. I started taking pictures to capture moments and eventually began taking videos to capture emotions.


          So, when I took my first journalism production class my freshman year of high school, it clicked instantly. I have been an avid storyteller since. I have grown to love creating all types of content including that for promotional purposes. That content prioritizes the technology our industry is moving towards, such as drone videography and virtual production. Additionally, I have scripted, shot, and edited works for broadcast journalism. These pieces aired on a PBS affiliate in the thirteenth largest media market in the United States. 

           I am a graduate of the Judy Genshaft Honors College at the University of South Florida. I have a degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in broadcast program and production to enhance my technical production skills. I also have a degree in Integrated Public Relations and Advertising to understand the strategy behind that content creation. 

           I now apply that knowledge in my role as Marketing and Communications Project Manager at Community School of Naples. I manage a variety of marketing and communications efforts. This includes the social media, print ads, web ads, weekly newsletters, our biannual magazine and other miscellaneous projects. We do a combination of in and out of house photography, design and video production. This allows me the chance to use those skills while developing management skills to keep the projects organized and on time.

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